Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology to help conceive :

I have undertaken training in fertility Reflexology with Mauricio Kruchik international reflexologist specialized in maternity Reflexology.

Reflexology may help couples with fertility problems by promoting blood circulation around the body, strengthening the immune system, balancing the hormone production necessary for conception to occur and promoting good strong health and vitality in the reproductive organs, which includes helping to regulate periods, promote ovulation, reduce PMS, reduce the chances of miscarriage and also help increase sperm quality and quantity.

Fertility problems can be very stressful and a course of reflexology can also provide the relaxation needed to help return the body to its natural balance ready for parenthood. Ideally 3 months is the best time for couples to start preparing, as it takes this long to produce healthy sperm and 1 month for a healthy egg. Ideally both the male & female partners would have treatments, particularly in the cases of unexplained infertility.


Reflexology is suitable for all ages and may bring relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions including.

Balance hormone levels

Regulate the menstrual cycle

Boost blood circulation/The whole body to relax

Stimulate endorphin release – the feel good hormone

Improve digestion

Improve circulation

Stress and conception

There is no doubt that stress and anxiety can play a very significant factor in an individual’s ability to conceive and reflexology is highly successful as a method of managing and reducing stress. Often, the longer you are trying to conceive, the greater the stress and a vicious cycle can be triggered. Reflexology may help reduce this stress which in turn leads to improvements in overall health.

Fertility Reflexology 60 mins – £45  

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